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Bowen Therapy


Bowen technique is a gentle, non invasive therapy which treats the body as a whole and restores balance through specific signals sent to the autonomic nervous system, via the fascia muscle. It has been described as 'acupuncture without the needles' but I think of it as like a' factory reset button' on a phone, helping you to reset your body, to be the best that it can.
It was developed in Australia in the 1950's by Tom Bowen and is so effective it has rapidly become recognised world wide.
Bowen is suitable for everyone from new born babies to the elderly and frail, it is very relaxing and can be beneficial in a wide range of situations and can assist in the recovery from many conditions, depending on the individuals capacity to heal. 



Sports Massage


Sports massage isn't just for the elite, athletes or injured professionals ……………....its for everyone.

We offer: Pre– event - mental & physical preparation,  

Post event - relaxes, aids lactic acid removal,

 Maintenance Massage– assisting injury prevention & recovery

Using a combination of effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration and frictions we can help reduce muscle, tendon and ligament pain, reduce adhesions & even scar tissue. 


Hopi Ear Candles


This is a pleasant, relaxing and non-invasive treatment to enhance the state of health to the ear, nose, throat and sinus areas of the body. Not only is the treatment beneficial for the inner ear but coupled with the mini facial & Lymphatic drain it is particularly effective for the upper respiratory tract but also for the circulatory and lymphatic system, making it a whole body treatment.


Our Services


Mini Facial & Lymphatic Drainage


Stimulates and improves facial tone and  lymphatic drainage to the head and neck helping to eliminate waste material from the body.  Improves blood flow to the head and neck, this increases distribution of oxygen and nutrients to nourish the tissues and encourage healing. 



Natural Remedies

Want to try more gentle solutions to any medical issues? We have several completely natural ranges to treat a wide range of conditions including : MCC Fibromyalgia specialists, Nettles Natural Teas, Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey, Aloe Vera Products, Shower Cubes, Bath Salts |& Bombs for all kinds of ailments, essential oil based remedies and more.



Gifts & Curiosities

Looking for an unusual gift? We have a great selection for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentines or something special for yourself. We have such a wide variety,  take a look at our photos in the SHOP section or check out our facebook page or better still call in in person an have a look round. 


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